Over the course of over 15 years, Norman has built a unique position in the fostering of relationships in business. Building and nurturing strong partnerships is the main focus of Matthias. Using his excellent interpersonal skills, Norman is able to build strong relationships with partners and clients in the most effective way.

Having traveled extensively to conventions and key business events across the globe, Norman has positioned himself well with relevant decision-makers in positions of influence and authority.

Focused on understanding the needs of the client and getting the best possible results, Norman ‘ competency promotes an ethic of client service and an understanding and anticipation of a client’s changing needs.

Following German Quality Standards, Norman has implemented his research and experience in business to allow for a more target and result-driven business model for his clients.His success in this field is unparalleled as he is well respected by his peers and his clients for his dedication and diligence and the network of connections that he is able to offer. His German Eye for details always finds flaws, bugs, and improvements.

Norman Gould – CEO (Cheetah Group)

( Implementing Blockchain Solutions Investor & Advisor)

Norman is committed to the promotion of further understanding of what business leadership is, and what the sustainable development of business enterprise means, as well as pursuing the development of relationships in these fields. His individualized attention offers clients the best service for their needs. Clients can be assured that they are receiving the highest standard of services to lead them and their business into the future.

Having Consulted for Global Organizations like World Bank, Bank of America, United Nations, NASA , Coinbase, among other institution across the globe, His services has always been in high demand especially in area of Consultancy and Advisory. His Current Interest is to Present as a speaker for BlockChain Event and Advocate for the Global Acceptance of CryptoCurrencies Globally.